Depth Hunter


Pure submarine hunting


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Depth Hunter is a first person 'action' game where you have to put yourself in the shoes of a submarine hunter who is trying to catch as many fish as he can using a hand harpoon.

The game has twenty-five different missions where you can explore the ocean floor as much as you'd like while you fish for the species you've been tasked with. In order to do so, you'll use a harpoon, with which you will have to aim, fire and, most importantly, fight against the fish's strength as you try to bring it in.

In addition to the basic levels, the game also has other modes, such as the treasure-hunting mode, where you have to find treasure hidden at the bottom of the sea, or the free exploration mode, where you can simply take pleasure in the different landscapes that the game offers.

Depth Hunter has outstanding graphics, which makes it easy to spend hours and hours wandering around the ocean floor admiring the beautiful marine flora and fauna.

The demo version only lets you play the first few missions.

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